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Young Catholics Today

Posted on May 30, 2017 in Teen Fiction


Young Catholics face an uphill battle. Modern times have really changed the way people teach religion and how they view it. For some, they are true to classical times and follow the rule of bible to the letter; then again, many others are religious but stray from the original ideas. It’s hard to know which way to turn because you want to stay true to your word but it’s hard because a modern world has caused hard times.

A World Full Of Unknown and Discontent

Modern times have led to almost an air of discontent and fear. People are afraid to talk about religion and afraid if their views aren’t the same as their friend’s it’ll somehow make them an outcast. It’s not stupid, this is happening right now and there are millions who honestly are afraid of religion and going against their beliefs. Right now, we are in a world full of unknown with so much trouble in the world and religion is at the heart of it all. You wouldn’t think religion would cause so much trouble but it does and it gets thousands worried what it means for them.

It’s not all About Classical Teachings

There are many traditional families who take a very traditional approach to their faith and young Catholics follow that rule too. However, in modern times there are more and more who look at altering the way they view their religion and how they approach it. For instance, believers do not always attend church on Sundays or are able to make it to midnight mass on Christmas Eve. Does that make them bad? Well, a lot of people would say so but if they pray and express their own personal beliefs in another manner isn’t that still good? Sometimes because of work and family commitments it isn’t easy to follow the classical teachings and that is an obstacle young Catholics face today.

Stay True To Faith

There are millions of Catholics who have converted or have not been brought up as a true catholic and find it’s harder for them to express their true feelings about their religion. It might seem strange but many young people convert to Christianity and find family and friends aren’t as caring or indeed happy with this. People think they will be laughed at for being catholic and believing in The Lord. However, this is nothing to be ashamed of and if you are a true believer you should stay true to your faith. Never be afraid to stand up and say ‘I am a catholic’. Too many people are worried what it will mean if they talk about religion. read more here!

Your Religion and Religious Actions Will Change As the Years Go By

churchTo be honest, catholic upbringings and religious teachings is very different from how they were a hundred years ago. Is that wrong? Well, in truth modern times have changed the way people view religion. There are millions of Catholics who absolutely believe in their religion but who do not follow the teachings of the bible to the letter. More and more are taking a relaxed view at times but it’s not always a bad thing. Yes, you have to stay true to your religion and remember the sacrifices the Lord made but at the same time you need to feel comfortable within your religion. Too many people are afraid if they alter the way they view religion it means they are not true Catholics which isn’t the case. Religion and religious acts do change and will continue to do so as times change. check it from http://www.irishtimes.com/news/health/st-vincent-s-hospitals-to-drop-catholic-guidelines-1.3100852

Religion Plays a Crucial Role within Our Lives

Religion should bring us together but unfortunately it seems to tear us apart. It’s not because religion is wrong but everyone has a different view. There are some who believe one catholic teaching is correct and others who believe another view is right. It’s hard because religion is important to us and yet it’s so different to each and every one of us.