Month: August 2017

Holding Book Club Meetings

Posted on August 31, 2017 in Uncategorized

My wife is an avid reader and literature fanatic.  I am as well, although I tend to enjoy reading history and social affairs.  My wife really enjoys reading fiction and theater.  She has a regular book club that meets at our home once each month.  People from different neighborhoods and professions come by and join in a discussion of what they are reading, and occasionally commenting upon something that has recently come out or been adapted for the large or small screen.


They also spend a bit of time reading parts of the book they are currently reading, Someone will usually read from a particular page or chapter, then they will discuss its meaning or style or the impression it has left upon them.  Their topics range from historic novels and classics like Moby Dick or War and Peace to modern social comment or topical literature.  Usually my wife will see that her club members have some snacks and drinks available.  She buys many of the things she serves from Sams Club, where she gets enough knick-knacks and stuff to feed the guests.  She gets savings on the cost of the drinks and groceries she uses to prepare the foods she serves to her guests by using her Groupon coupons when she shops at Sams Club.  And she fixes everything from deviled eggs to finger foods and home-made treats that her guests can enjoy during the discussion and reading sessions.


The most popular are her personal version of fritters that she packs with various fillings and then heats in the oven just before serving.  The different varieties of fillings never fail to please her guests, some of whom I suspect attend the meetings more out of a desire to enjoy her cooking than to enjoy the literature discussions.  Some of the younger club members are particularly eager to take a run at

the snack table.  So my wife uses a nice ploy; she has them read from a particular novel that is currently popular among their age group.  Then they can discuss it and get some feedback from the older club members.  They can also give the members their insights on the meanings behind some of the expressions used by various authors.  She waits until this stage of the meeting has taken place before allowing them to take over at the food table.